The Silence of Lamb

Clarice Starling is a young trainer agent with the F.B.I. when she is summoned to a meeting with the head of the Behavioral Science Unit at Quantico. She is given an unexpected job to do; she must go to the secure prison where infamous serial murderer Hannibal “The Cannibal” Lecter is held and interview him about the identity of a serial killer currently murdering women and believed to be a follower of Dr Lecter. The unidentifiable killer has been nicknamed Buffalo Bill. His specialty is skinning the women he kills.

When they meet, Dr Lecter, a brilliant psychiatrist, is impressed with Clarice’s analysis of Buffalo Bill. This fades, however, when she hands him the standardized FBI psychological questionnaire that he feels is insulting to his intelligence. He tells her to leave but as she does so, another prisoner makes threatening sexual comments and Dr Lecter decides to help Clarice find Buffalo Bill – to a degree. His assistance is never straightforward but consists of cryptic clues and throwaway remarks. The first remark leads Clarice to a storage unit that seems abandoned. Inside the unit is the severed head of one of Dr Lecter’s one-time patients, but Lecter insists that he did not kill this man – Buffalo Bill did. This is a revelation because it is a guarded admission that he knows Buffalo Bill’s true identity. This information is his bargaining chip; he will reveal the killer’s identity to Clarice but only after she had arranged for him to be transferred to another facility, he doesn’t mind where, just as long as he is no longer under the treatment of the prison’s psychiatrist Dr Chilton.

Time is pressing. Another young woman is kidnapped. Another body is found floating in the river. At the autopsy Clarice is shown the woman’s body which has been sickeningly mutilated. There are diamond-shaped holes in her back where flesh has been removed and there is an insect cocoon stuck in the throat. The insect turns out to be a death head moth.
All serial killers have a pattern or a signature that is discernible each time they kill. Buffalo Bill is no different. He kills the women he kidnaps within three days of taking them. Mindful of this Clarice makes a fake offer to Dr Lecter that promises the transfer he wants. Unfortunately Dr Chilton is working against her, fixated more on getting the information out of Lecter (and therefore the credit for doing so) all to himself. He tells Hannibal that Clarice’s offer is fake and makes his own offer instead; transfer to Memphis and a meeting with Senator Martin, kidnap victim Catherine Martin’s mother. Buffalo Bill is keeping Catherine alive, and has her imprisoned in a pit beneath his house, forcing her to apply moisturizer to her body to keep her skin soft and supple. It is easier for him to remove that way.
Dr Lecter tells Clarice to look for a man called Louis Friend. Clarice realized the name is a fake one, an anagram of the name of Buffalo Bill, but she has no way to decipher the conundrum. She wants more information but the doctor is manipulative and psychotic and wants information from Clarice; personal information, trading an answer to one of his questions in return for answering one of hers. She tells him that she grew up on a farm, that she was an orphan, that the sound of lambs being slaughtered in the barn would keep her awake at night. Clarice’s meeting is not officially authorized and she is asked to leave. After she does so, Lecter escapes by picking the lock on his handcuffs with a pen that he stole unseen from Dr Chilton. He kills two prison guards and escapes.

Clarice, unaware of his escape, ploughs on with her investigation and decides to look at the first murder again. She discovers a dress that has diamond shapes cut out of the back, and also some photographs. She contacts a person that the victim used to work for and when Buffalo Bill invites her into the house to try to find out how close they are to identifying the killer, she spies a moth with a skull shape on its back. She realizes that the man she is speaking to is Buffalo Bill. She chases him through the house and they end up in the dark basement space ultimately rescuing Catherine Martin.
Clarice graduates from the FBI academy top of her class, receiving a call from Dr Lecter congratulating her. He does not tell her where he is.


The Hundred Foot

The Hundred Foot Journey is one of the neatly packaged Indian-French drama novels. For lovers of heavy Indian stories, don’t expect in this novel there are dances and songs like Indian novels in general. Even so, the audience will not regret watching it because the storyline in this novel is quite interesting. Many funny and annoying scenes in this novel. The setting is also not in India but in France. Beautiful scenery is also enough to color this novel. Indian music is indeed found in this novel, but it is not specifically played but as a backsound or part of the storyline. At present there are many Indian novels that are set in Europe and America. The players are also not all Indians. In this novel The Hundred Foot Journey we will see the acting of Indian and French actresses. Actually this novel is not entirely Indian nor is it entirely non-Indian because the main character is indeed the Kadam family from India who live in the French country. I personally do not know what is called an Indian novel, whether it must be the role of all Indians or the film is set in Indian culture.
“A recipe has no soul. “You must bring soul to the recipe as the cook” -Thomas Keller-
The sentence above is a quote that illustrates the main core of the novel story The Hundred Foot Journey. This novel tells the story of the Kadam Family who struggled to survive after being destroyed by a mass attack during a regional election in their place of origin. As a result of the attack, the Kadam Family residence and the proud restaurant of the Kadam family were destroyed in the fire, even Mrs. Kadam died from the tragedy. After the tragedy, the Kadam family moved to London together. However, the Kadam Family did not last long in London because for them the city had no soul in the culinary world. Then, the Kadam family moved to France on the grounds that culinary and food ingredients in France had a soul. The Kadam family did not go through a smooth road to move to France. Many of the questions his family had to answer when the immigration police asked for family data and the reasons for the Kadam Family’s move from London.
After taking care of the administration, the Kadam Family lives in St.Antonio, a beautiful, bustling yet calm France. The Kadam family intends to open a restaurant in the new place, although right across from their residence there is a famous and best restaurant in the city. Even so, Mr. Kadam still insists on running his restaurant business in Indian style. The children of Mr. Kadam certainly feel that the effort will be in vain. This is certainly due to the very different cultural background of the French people. Starting from lifestyle, cultural values to the appetite of French people is very different from Indians. Although the children objected to the stubborn decision of his father, Mr. Kadam insisted on running the Indian office which was later named the Mumbai Mansion. Mr. Kadam adheres to his belief that French people do not want to eat Indian food because they have never tried it so they do not know the taste. Therefore, Indian restaurants must be run so that French people know the taste of India.
Thanks to Mr. Kadam’s strong determination, finally the Mumbai Mansion can stand even though it starts with full twists and turns and fierce competition with Madam Mallory’s restaurant owned by Mrs. Mallory, the best restaurant right opposite the Mumbai Mansion. All strategies are carried out by Mr. Kadam to attract the attention of consumers. For starters, Mr. Kadam and his family distributed flyers opening the Mumbai Mansion so that many French people would come. Another strategy to attract the attention of visitors is to have all family members of Mr. Kadam wear traditional Indian clothes and stand in front of the gate. Nor did Mr. Kadam turn on Indian music loudly. Surely the conditions that occur at Mumbai Mansion are different from the restaurant belonging to Mrs. Marshall, which is considered very classy. On the first day, Mumbai Mansion found it difficult to get visitors, but Mr. Kadam still did not give up. In the end, many visitors arrived at the Mumbai Mansion. Some residents of St. Anthony, France consider the Mumbai Mansion restaurant like a wedding party, because it is too crowded with the sound of music and twinkling lights. Even though what happened at the Mumbai Mansion was considered strange and new, the Kadam Family’s efforts were able to survive and go as expected.

100 feet for 100 flavors
The difference between Ny.Mallory’s restaurant and the Mumbai Mansion’s restaurant is not just the difference in taste and taste of food, but also the prevailing cultural values. The two very different restaurants are opposite and the distance is only 100 feet. These conditions made competition between the two restaurants increasingly increasing, especially the nature of Mrs. Marshall and Mr. Kadam who were both stubborn and ambitious. Mrs. Marshall himself is actually a very democratic person, appreciates freedom, equality and brotherhood. Although French citizens are known for being racist, as are the song lyrics contained in French national songs, but Mrs. Marshall doesn’t want to be such a Frenchman. In the French national song entitled La Marseilaise there are song lyrics whose translation is as follows,

“For war, citizens, your battalion form,
Let us march, may their impure blood flow in our land ”

The lyrics of the song are sung by Jean-Pierre, one of the chefs from the restaurant belonging to Mrs. Marshall. Previously there was a burning incident against the Mumbai Mansion. Mrs.Mallory learned that the incident was the work of her men. The next day Mrs. Marshall gathered all her staff and gave advice and warnings to all the restaurant staff. At that time, Mrs. Marshall told Jean-Pierre to sing La Marseilaise to corner it. Mrs.Mallory confirmed that the lyrics of the song were the French way of life. Impure blood is not worth living in France. However, Mrs.Mallory emphasized that there was another way to become a Frenchman, namely by respecting freedom, equality and brotherhood. Mrs. Marshall’s statement was challenged by Jean-Pierre. Seeing Jean-Pierre’s attitude, Mrs. Marshall stressed that she paid the chef to cook, make good, delicious and beautiful food, not to kill and destroy. Finally Mrs. Marshall sacked Pierre at that moment.
Mrs. Marshall’s attitude is a form of idealism and professional attitude as culinary actors. Not only that, Mrs. Marshall really appreciated Hassan’s skill in one of the children of Mr. Kadam who was very good at cooking. At first Mrs. Marshall was reluctant to praise Hassan’s skills. However, thanks to Hassan’s omelette, Mrs.Mallory finally melted too. Mrs. Marshall is used to testing someone who wants to join her restaurant by cooking omelets. Omelette is indeed a very simple dish. However, perhaps from that simplicity many people underestimate how to make omelets. In fact, whatever the recipe, regardless of the level of ease and difficulty of cooking, what is important is how the person respects and respects food while respecting the person who is given food. Thanks to Hassan’s omelette recipe, finally Mrs. Marshall gave Hassan the opportunity to work while learning more recipes at his restaurant. Hassan’s skill in combining taste made Mrs. Marshall proud, even starting a good relationship between Mrs. Marshall and the family of Mr. Kadam. The restaurant owned by Mrs. Marshall is increasingly rich and dynamic since Hassan joined him.

Hassan and Soul Spices
“To cook you have to kill, you make spirits, you kill to make spirits, souls that live on every ingredient of cooking”
That is the sentence that Nyadam told Hassan. Hassan recalled correctly that in cooking there needs to be a soul, and that soul is the taste of the food itself. Hassan learned a lot about how to taste recipes. Spices are an important force in cooking. In accordance with Indian culture, Indian culinary tastes are very closely related to various powerful spices. The main ingredients used by the Kadam family are cardamom, marsala salt, cumin and many more. Everything is formulated perfectly so that the food served has a soul. The food chosen must also be really suitable so that the food has a good impression.

Some people know that India is very attached to thick curry dishes. In this novel, the audience can see curry. Furthermore the song, in this film the audience will see how the dish is formulated. The film shows how Hassan as the Mumbai Mansion captain was able to create new taste experiments in the culinary world. Armed with spices from India Hassan became a great chef, progressive and dynamic. Hassan proved that the classic 200-year-old recipe can be modified without having to damage the classy taste. Hassan pointed out that the change and development of old recipes is not a bad thing, it actually enriches the taste of food. Thanks to Hassan’s efforts, Mrs. Marshall believed in Hassan and greatly appreciated his expertise. Hassan who is an ordinary young man was able to show that he was not only able to give stars to the restaurant owned by Mrs. Marshall, but also able to become a great star in the international world.

Hassan’s success was not obtained from the academic world, but learned from his family. For Hassan, his mother was the teacher of his life and the family restaurant he owned was his school. Through the many experiences and lessons learned from his family, Hassan is able to have a career in the international culinary world. Hassan who had studied with Mrs. Marshall was able to become a world famous chef. Hassan was able to master gastronomy and was able to raise the Kadam Family’s degree in France. Thanks to the achievements of Hassan, Ny.Mallory’s restaurant also continues to get stars from culinary observers of the French State. This is where the togetherness between Mrs. Marshall and Mr. Kadam’s family grew. Thanks to the togetherness, it was not only a glorious achievement that could be achieved from the two owners of the restaurant, but the combination of French and Indian flavors which were able to be united by the magic spices formulated by Hassan.
The novel The Hundred Foot Journey teaches us that there is a need for balance in everything to create something amazing. Food is not just food. Through food one can remember stories or memories. Through food, a person can continue to develop, be dynamic and continue to be creative. Something very different can be put together through proof, an attempt to merge to get an equality. This makes the film The Hundred Foot Journey so rich in positive value. We do compete in life, but there are still healthy ways to compete and survive, even making our rivals a great partner. The film The Hundred Foot Journey is not only about food and restaurants, but also the ideology built between the two different restaurants. Through this film we will know the importance of mutual respect and respect for differences. Differences can make someone strong because they can be complementary relationships.

Sense and sensibility

This is the story of Elinor and Marianne Dashwood, sisters who respectively represent the “sense” and “sensibility” of the title. With their mother, their sister Margaret, and their stepbrother John, they make up the Dashwood family.
Henry Dashwood, their father, has just died. Norland Park, his estate, is inherited by John; to his chagrin, Henry has nothing but ten thousand pounds to leave to his wife and daughters. On his deathbed, he urges John to provide for them and John promises that he will do so. He is already wealthy because he has a fortune from his mother and is also married to the wealthy Fanny Ferrars.
Immediately after Henry’s burial, the insensitive Mrs. Dashwood moves into Norland Park and cleverly persuades John not to make any provision for his stepmother and stepsisters. Mrs. Henry Dashwood, disliking Fanny, wants to leave Norland Park at once, but Elinor prudently restrains her until they can find a house within their means.
Edward Ferrars, Fanny’s brother, comes to stay and is attracted to Elinor. Mrs. Dashwood and Marianne expect an engagement, but Elinor is not so sure; she knows that Mrs. Ferrars and Fanny will object to Edward’s interest in her. Fanny takes exception to Edward’s fondness for Elinor and is so rude that Mrs. Dashwood at once rents a cottage fortuitously offered to her by her cousin, Sir John Middleton.
The Dashwoods move to Barton Cottage and are met by Sir John, who does all in his power to make them comfortable. They soon meet his elegant but insipid wife and their four children.
One day, when Marianne and Margaret are walking on the downs, Marianne sprains her ankle. She is carried home by a stranger, John Willoughby, who is staying at Allenham Court, a country estate which he will inherit after the death of its elderly owner, Mrs. Smith. Marianne and Willoughby fall in love and are inseparable. But after a short time, Willoughby leaves unexpectedly for London without explaining or declaring himself.
Edward Ferrars soon pays a visit to Barton Cottage. But he is distraught and gloomy, and Elinor is puzzled by his reserve.
Lady Middleton’s mother, Mrs. Jennings, has been staying at Barton Park. She teases Marianne about Colonel Brandon, a friend of Sir Henry, who obviously admires Marianne. Though she likes the colonel, Mrs. Jennings repeats some scandal about him; he is said to have an illegitimate daughter, Miss Williams.
Lady Middleton’s younger sister, Charlotte Palmer, and her husband visit Barton Park. When they leave, Sir John invites the Misses Steele, two young ladies whom he has met in Exeter and has found to be connections of Mrs. Jennings.
Lucy confides to Elinor that she has been secretly engaged to Edward Ferrars for four years. He was tutored by her uncle and became well acquainted with Lucy and Anne at that time. Elinor is shocked but concludes that Edward had a youthful infatuation for Lucy. Lucy persists in asking for advice and begs Elinor to persuade her brother John to give Edward the Barton living if he decides to take orders.
Mrs. Jennings invites Elinor and Marianne to stay with her in London. Marianne is eager to go because she hopes to see Willoughby there. He has not been back to visit them, nor has he written to Marianne.
In London, Marianne waits for a visit from Willoughby. She writes him several times but receives no reply. One day he leaves his card but never calls personally.
Finally, Elinor and Marianne see Willoughby at a dance with a fashionable heiress, Miss Grey. He speaks curtly to Marianne, who is distracted by his coldness. She writes him for an explanation, and he returns her letters with a cruel note, denying that he had ever been especially interested in her and announcing his engagement to Miss Grey.
Colonel Brandon, who is also in London, is distressed by Willoughby’s conduct to Marianne and tells Elinor his own story. As a young man, he had loved his cousin Eliza, his father’s ward. But to gain Eliza’s fortune, his father had married her to his eldest son, who had treated her badly. Years later, the colonel discovered that Eliza had left her husband for another man. She had sunk lower and lower, and was now penniless and on her deathbed. The colonel did all he could for her and promised to bring up her daughter, also named Eliza. Eliza, now grown, had been seduced by Willoughby, who had deserted her. The colonel had fought a duel with Willoughby, but neither had been injured.
John Dashwood and his wife come to London for the season. He meets his sisters and is introduced to the Middletons, whom he finds very congenial. Anne and Lucy Steele are invited to stay with the Middletons and eventually pay a visit to the Dashwoods, John and Fanny. They are treated so kindly that Anne feels it is safe to break the secret of Lucy’s engagement to Edward.
Fanny Dashwood has hysterics and orders Lucy and Anne out of her house. Edward’s mother disinherits him because he will not break his word to Lucy. He decides to take orders and offers to free Lucy from her engagement, but Lucy will not give him up.
Charlotte Palmer’s son is born, and she invites Elinor and Marianne to accompany her mother on a visit to her country house, Cleveland. Marianne falls ill there and seems near death. Colonel Brandon is also staying at Cleveland and offers to fetch Mrs. Dashwood.
The Palmers leave their house, fearing infection for the baby, and while Elinor awaits her mother’s arrival, she is amazed by a visit from Willoughby. He has heard of Marianne’s illness and has come to get news of her. He tells Elinor how bitterly he repents of his conduct and how wretched his wife has made him; it was she who dictated the cruel note which he sent to Marianne. Elinor is sorry for him.

Marianne recovers and the family returns to Barton Cottage. Eventually, Elinor tells Marianne about Willoughby’s repentant visit. Marianne is now sorry that the family has suffered on her behalf.
One day, a servant tells them that Edward Ferrars is married. Elinor tries to put him out of her mind; however, he arrives at Barton Cottage and explains that Lucy did not marry him; instead, she eloped with his brother, Robert.
Everything ends happily. Edward is reconciled to his mother and marries Elinor. He takes orders and is given the living at Delaford, Colonel Brandon’s estate. Eventually Marianne agrees to marry the colonel, and the two couples live happily, close in distance and in friendship.

Percy Jackson and the Titan crushe

This summer, Percy (son of God Poseidon), Annabeth (son of Goddess Athena) and Thalia Son of God of Zeus) went to the Westover Dormitory to meet Grover who was looking for a half-god / mulatto child. At Westover Dormitory, Grover found two crossbreed children who exuded a very strong aura of Nico and Bianca at Angelo. But the problem arose because it turned out that the Westover principal, Dr.Thorn, was a powerful monster. Percy, Nico and Bianca were kidnapped by Dr.Thorn who turned out to be a Manticore.
They were taken by Dr.Thorn to a forest near the edge of a cliff. Luckily came help from Thalia, Grover, and Annabeth. They attacked Dr. Thorn but because of the amateur Blast children like them not yet strong enough to face the Manticore without help, the longer they got more difficult. Finally came the Artemis Hunters who were tracking the whereabouts of the Manticore-Monster to help them. Annabeth who attacked the monster with her dagger, fell into a ravine because it was hit by the monster. Percy became frantic for a moment, trying to plunge into the abyss to save Annabeth, but the Hunters and Goddess of the ARTEMIS themselves (imagine bro, Artemis, ah like the goddess this one the most) prevented and calmed Percy because it was too risky. Bianca was invited by Artemis to become a hunter and Bianca accepted it, albeit with a heavy heart because by entering Artemis Hunters it meant Bianca could not meet her sister too often (Artemis Hunters were forbidden to work side by side with men because Artemis himself was the Virgin Goddess). But Artemis had an important business to do on his own. The hunters were told by Artemis to go to the Blastan Camp – where half-gods were half-human or demigod gathered. They were picked up by the god Apollo with the sun’s train vehicle to the campsite.
At the camp, Chiron received and organized a flag-catching game for the arrival of hunters. In the game the Hunters win. But after it’s finished, strange things happen. The Oracle, whose body was dead, and never walked from the attic, came to Zoë Nightshade, representative of the Artemis Hunters with a prophecy:
Lima will go west to the chained goddess,
A person will disappear in the plain without rain,
Olympus tantrum shows its footsteps,
The united strengths and hunters will survive,
Curse of the Titan Nation must be faced,
And one will perish in the hands of one of his parents.
After that Chiron planned their departure. The teams that will depart are Grover, Thalia, Zoe, Phoebe, and Bianca. Percy is not happy with the decision because he also wants to help Artemis Hunters and save Annabeth, especially for wanting to save Annabeth. But suddenly Phoebe couldn’t leave so that only the four of them. Percy, but who was not invited to go, went with them but secretly climbed the Pegasus called Blackjack. Percy could talk to the horse because it was indeed his father, Poseidon the God of the Sea who created a horse in an attempt to seduce Demeter, the Goddess of Agriculture. Percy told Blackjack to follow the car the four of his friends drove to Washington D.C.

There Percy met Titan Atlas, who was trying to raise ancient animals only with his skeleton. Atlas ordered the Chimaera lion, who had steel-hard skin, to attack Percy and his friends. After Percy and his friends defeated the lion, Percy took his skin as a robe. Not bad, that’s for protection.
They then went to San Francisco together. Percy met Nereus who told him that the monster that was being hunted by Artemis who could conquer the gods and goddesses was the Ophiotaurus named Percy named Bessie (because at that time Percy didn’t know that the creature was a monster because the creature was very cute and funny). Percy asked Grover to bring Bessie to Long Island. Grover did it too. Percy, Thalia, and Zoë finally borrowed Professor Chase’s car, Annabeth’s father, to Mount Pupus Harapan because this involved the safety of his child. On the way, Zoë recounts his dark past, which also relates to the dark story of Riptide, Percy’s sword. Hercules, the famous hero turned out to have been assisted by Zoë but Hercules immediately left him and never even mentioned Zoë in his story. After they arrived at Gunung Pupus Harapan (the place where Atlas bears the burden of the world on his shoulders) which at its peak is the ruins of Mount Othrys (mountain of the Titans).

They find Artemis trapped and fettered forced to support the world, and Annabeth with white tendrils like gray hair in her hair. Apparently Annabeth was just a bait to kidnap Goddess Artemis. Annabeth was forced to support the world and they knew Artemis would not have the heart, then would offer. Oh yeah, we can’t support the world as long as we want. There are Atlas and Luke. Percy was furious with Luke, then they fought each other. Attacking each other, slashing the sword into the body of his opponent. When Zoë was caught by Atlas, Percy told Artemis to help Zoë (because an amateur demigod would not be able to defeat Titan) and offered to bear the burden of the world. At first Artemis did not allow it, because supporting the world was very impossible for demigods. But Percy felt that he could do it because Annabeth could, even though Annabeth was almost dying while doing it. Artemis helped Zoë but was unfortunate for his fate because it was Zoë’s destiny to die in the hands of his father, Atlas. In his honor, Artemis awarded him a new constellation, Constellation Hunter. Percy managed to deceive the Atlas so he returned to support the world while swearing at Percy.

They returned to the Blastan Camp with news of joy and sorrow …

Percy Jackson and The Sea of Monster

Percy Jackson is a demigod or half-god, half human. He is the son of the god of the sea, Poseidon. Percy attended Meriwether College Prep. At night before the last day of school he had a nightmare, he felt his friend Grover the satire was having a problem. On the last day of Percy’s school, a group of monsters attacked him and his only friend in school, Tyson. Then Annabeth came to their rescue and took them to the Blastan Camp by riding in the Audrey Gray Taxi. In the taxi Abu Bersaudari told me that Percy’s goal was 30,31,75,12. Percy did not know the meaning and Abu Bersaudari did not have time to explain because the Blast Campground was under attack. It turned out that the Thalia Tree protecting the camp was poisoned, which caused its protection against the camp to weaken. Chiron, the person in charge of the activity, was fired for allegedly poisoning the Thalia Tree and he was replaced by Tantalus, a prisoner from Padang Punishment. When at the camp Percy knew that Tyson was a Cyclops and Poseidon recognized him as his son. The Blasteran camp was in a bad condition. Percy wanted to look for Golden Sheep Fur which could make the campsite return to normal but Tantalus did not allow it, instead he chose Clarisse to look for the fur. Even though it was not permitted, with a hint of persuasion from Hermes, Percy finally slipped away from the camp with Annabeth and Tyson. They headed for the sea, and thanks to the help of Hermes and Poseidon they were able to get on a boat driven by Luke. Luke is a demigod who stole Zeus’s lightning. They were trapped on the ship but managed to escape. They go to the Sea of Monsters, or better known by humans as the Bermuda Triangle. While in the Bermuda triangle vortex, they oscillated in their boat. Finally they enter the vortex, and go into a tunnel that has a strange Monster that is able to eat all the objects that pass. And they met Clarisse who was trapped also inside the tunnel. He is with other friends in the form of zombies. Annabette was shocked … but it was ignored because they were more panic in facing the Monster. Finally, with Percy’s strategy, they collaborated and were able to control the Monster, by shooting the Monster’s stomach. They managed to escape with Clarisse’s help, until they arrived at a beautiful island. There they discover that Grover is being held captive by an adult Cyclops who likes to satire, but Grover can trick the Cyclops, whose eyesight is not good, disguised as a female Cyclops. Grover had promised to marry the Cyclops just to trick him until Percy came to help him. He dressed like a woman and presented everything the Cylops wanted. Grover told Percy through his dream that the Golden Sheep Fur was on the island and that Grover had made an empathetic connection that enabled them to contact each other even from a distance. Percy, Clarisse, and Annabeth made plans to save Grover and take Golden Sheep Fur. . Their plan was successful, but some of Annabeth’s ribs were broken. Cyclops who was angry knowing he had been tricked from the start chased them, even though Percy, Annabeth, and Clarisse were facing human-eating sheep. Suddenly Tyson, who was thought to have died when Clarrise’s ship sank, arrived.

Tyson was a Cyclops so that the sheep followed his orders, he led the human-eating sheep away from Percy and his friends as they escaped to the ship. The charming Cyclops Grover, who turned out to be one of Poseidon’s children too, tried to summon Poseidon to curse Percy and his friends but failed because Percy was also the son of Poseidon. They left the island and would go back to the camp when they learned that the prophecy said that Clarisse had to go home with the Golden Sheep Fur first by plane. After Clarisse left, Percy, Annabeth, Grover, and Tyson were arrested again by Luke who asked for the Golden Sheep Fur that Clarisse had brought to the camp. Using Iris’s message, Percy deceived Luke to admit that he had poisoned the Thalia tree in front of the campers at the Blast Campground. At that moment Chiron and his Centaurus friends came to help Percy, Annabeth, Grover, and Tyson. They returned to the camp by driving a centaurus and Chiron was again appointed as the person in charge of the activity. The Thalia tree was successfully cured with Golden Sheep Fur. The activity returned to normal until one day when Annabeth was on guard at night, there was a scream and everyone got up and saw what was happening. It turned out that a girl was lying near a Thalia tree with Annabeth surprised beside her. The girl is Thalia, daughter of Zeus who was turned into a pine tree when dying while saving her friends from the invasion of monsters from the Cylops group.

Percy Jackson the Lightning thief

Percy is a 16-year-old teenager who suffers from selection, but he can still attend school. When attending a museum visit, Percy is attacked by fury who wants Zeus’s lightning. Percy himself did not understand what happened, then his friend, groover and teacher, mr. Brunner helped me. Percy was then told to use a pen as a sword. Percy leaves his mother and goes to half-blood camp with a groover, where he uses his sword to fight the minotour who came to kill his mother. Three days later, I woke up at the campsite.

While holding a museum visit with his classmates, Percy was attacked by his teacher who suddenly turned into a monster and asked Percy to return the lightning stick belonging to Zeus (Sean Bean) to him. Luckily, he was saved by Mr. Brunner (Pierce Brosnan) and his best friend, Grover (Brandon T Jackson). Together, they finally explained that Percy was a demigod, a demigod, the result of a Greek god’s relationship with Earth creatures, where for Percy’s own case he was the result of his mother’s relationship with the god Poseidon (Kevin McKidd).

Percy himself is currently being chased by residents of Olympia (inhabitants of the Greek god kingdom) who thought that Percy stole Zeus’s lightning rod and wanted to have the stick, including the god Hades (Steve Hoogan), who arrested Percy’s mother so he could exchange it for a stick the lightning bolt.

To secure it, Mr. Brunner (who finally opened his true identity as Chiron, a half-horse man) and Grover (whose true identity is a satyr, half goat), finally brought Percy to a demigod training ground called Camp Half-Blood. Here, Percy knows Annabeth Chase (Alexandra Daddario), daughter of the goddess Athena, who later with Grover will accompany Percy on an adventure against Medusa (Uma Thurman) and confront Hades to get his mother back and try to meet Zeus and tell him the truth.

He finally found out that he was the son of poseidon, and the groover was his protector. The teacher, mr. Brunner is a chiron. Chiron suggested that he go to Olympus to convince Zeus that he really knew nothing. Percy was then trained to use his magic as a child of a god. Percy meets demigod (other demigods), namely Luke, son of Hermes, and Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athens. After winning a match there, Percy was told that his mother was in the underworld. Her mother will return if she gives up Zeus’s lightning. Percy then goes to Underworld with Groover, Annabeth, and Luke. At underworld, they meet hades and persephone. Although Percy told the hades that he didn’t steal, Hades finally found him hidden by Luke.

Apparently Luke is the real thief of lightning. Percy, Annabeth and Sally are finally teleported to the Empire State Building but they are attacked by Luke who wants to destroy Mount Olympus. Percy can finally defeat Luke and return the lightning belonging to the god Zeus, who then forgives him. Percy and Elizabeth reunited, they almost kissed, but Elizabeth tricked him and they returned to training.

Pride and prejudice

This story starts with a family living in a village called Longbourn. This family consists of Mr. Bennet as the head of the family and wife of Mrs.Bennet and their children Jane Bennet, Elizabeth Bennet “lizzy”, Mary Catherine “kitty” and also Lidya. This family is a family that is quite prosperous but because in this family there are no brothers, then they must be forced to give all their property to their uncle Mr.Collins if their father has died. As a result of this problem, Mrs.Bennet hoped that she should be able to marry off her children with rich men so that later their five daughters could live properly. Finally what is waiting for Mrs. Bennet arrived. He heard the news that a rich young man named Charles Bingley had rented a house in Netherfield Park and Mrs Bennet swiftly saw that Bingley’s arrival was a great opportunity for one of his daughters to get a wealthy couple, and he told her to visit their new neighbors immediately before him revealed that he was not interested in the news but secretly revealed that Mr. Henen had invited Charles Bingley to visit Mr.Bingley also visited their home even though it was only for a while. But his wife Mr.Bennet is home. And in the conversation it appears that Mr. Binglev was very eager to see and meet with the daughters of Mr. Bennet who were already famous for their beauty and finally Mr. Biennet invited him to attend the dinner party he had made while at the same time showing the reputation of his household. But this invitation did not get a good response from Mr. Bingley because Mr. Bingley could not be too long at Netherfield because he had to return to London immediately because there were some work to be done after Mr. Bingley returned to Netherfield Park with his two sisters, brother-in-law, and a friend named Darcy. And at one time Mr Bingley and his guests went to a dance party in the city near Meryton where at the same time Bennet’s daughters also attended the dance with their mother. Quickly Mr.Bingley was able to make all those present at the party be amazed at his politeness. But on the other hand there was one of Mr. Bentley’s male friends, Mr. Darcy was also a figure who took a lot of attention not because but because of his arrogance of pride. This was seen when Mr. Bingley told Darcy to dance with Elizabeth, but Darcy was courtesy and kindness takes a lot of attention rather than being polite and kind but because of its arrogance and arrogance. This was seen when Mr. Bingley told Darcy to dance with Elizabeth, but Darcy was cold and wasted his face, he said that Elizabeth was pretty, but not pretty enough to attract her and she was lazy to talk to girls who were not interested in other men. Elizabeth became annoyed at hearing all of that and starting to hate Darcy were not except Mrs.Bennet who at that moment immediately hated Mr.Darcy. But Mr.Darcy secretly admired the beauty of the eyes owned by Elizabeth. During the dance, a lot of people attending the party were jealous of Jane because Mr. Bingley even took two consecutive times to take Jane to dance and at the dance between Jane and Mr.Bingley there seemed to be mutual interest and this immediately making Mrs.Bennet very happy about their closeness. However Jane and Bingley seemed to be attracted to each other.

A few days after the dance, Mr. Bingley and his entourage came to the residence of Mr Bennet. and in a short time Jane was able to make Mrs.Hurst and Mrs.Bingley feel happy with Jane even though Elizabet knew about the two brothers Mr.Bingleyn who at the time of the dance party took the eyes of all those present were no exception his brother.And on that visit it appeared from Mr.Bingley’s attitude to Jane that Mr.Bingley’s feelings had turned into love. And actually Jane felt the same thing but tried to cover it up from the general public.

At the residence of Sir.Lucas where Elizabeth was very serious about paying attention to her brother’s behavior with Mr. Bingley, without her noticing that Mr. Darcy’s friend was paying serious attention to Elizabet. There Mr.Darcy began to realize for Elizabeth’s beauty for her intelligence and joy.Meanwhile, Bennet’s two youngest children, Catherined and Lydia, actually occupied themselves by visiting Meryton to see and gossip about the soldiers stationed there. And one day due to Miss.Bingley’s pleasure towards Jane, she invited Jane to visit her house in Netherfield. And hearing that mother Jane was very happy for the visit and told Jane to want to visit Netherfield and finally Jane visited Netherfield with a horse. And at the same time Mrs.Bennet hoped that when Jane arrived there the rain would come down so that it would delay Jane’s puff and certainly would make Jane stay there and be closer to Mr. Bingley. and in the rain, it caused Jane to have a fever, and the next day Elizabeth received a letter from Jane stating that she had a fever and could not go home. Hearing the incident Elizabeth felt very anxious about her sister and it was very inversely proportional to her mother who felt very happy for the incident that would make Jane will stay longer in Netherfield with Mr.Bingley.

Because he was too worried about the news from his sick brother, Elizabeth went straight to Netherfield to see his brother’s condition and look after him, but only one horse and one will be used by Mr. Bennet. Because there were no horses, Elizabeth finally decided to go to Netherfield on foot even though the road there was still muddy due to heavy rain last night. And with his tired face and dirty clothes due to the wet road spray, Elizabeth finally arrived at Netherfield where her brother was lying sick. Mr. Bingley politely accepted Elizabeth’s arrival but not with Mr.Bingley’s two brothers who laughed at Elizabeth at his stupid behavior. But at the same time Mr.Darcy greatly admired what Elizabeth did. Because Jane’s condition was severe enough to make Elizabeth had to live in Netherfield until her brother’s condition improved. And when Elizabeth was reading the book, it was also seen there Mr.Darcy who was writing a letter while watching Elizabeth. Mrs. Bingley also tried to attract the attention of Mr. Darcy, praising Mr. Darcy’s writing, but Mrs. Bingley did not get a meaningful response from Mr. Darcy, who was only watching Elizabeth. Seeing that condition Elizabeth just laughed and it irritated Mrs. Bingley towards Elizabeth. After Jane’s condition improved, Elizabeth finally asked her father to send a horse to take them back to Longbourn, meanwhile Mrs.Bennet still hoped Jane could stay longer there, and after the train arrived, they were finally coming to Longbourn.
And one day Mr.Bennet received a letter from his cousin Mr.Collins who would later inherit Mr.Bennet’s wealth. Hearing this, Mrs.Bennet felt unhappy at the arrival of Mr.Collins. And that day arrived Mr. Collins came to Longbourn. Mr. Collins was a priest and was appointed by a rich woman named Lady Ctherine de Brough. Arriving at Mr.ollins in Longbourn he kept telling me about the kindness of Lady Catherine and she also told about the reason for his visit to Longbourn is known to want to find a wife from the Bennet family. Hearing this, Mrs. Bennet was quite relieved that her property would still belong to one of her daughters who would later be married to Mr.Collins. And when Elizabeth was with Mr.Collins, Mr. Collins immediately said his interest in Elizabeth’s beauty and intelligence and would make Lady Catherine happy with her choice and ask Elizabeth to become his wife. Hearing that statement Elizabeth immediately rejected the application from Mr. Collins. Hearing that Elizabeth refused Mr.Collins’s proposal, Mrs. Bennet immediately scolded Elizabeth and told Mr.Bennet to persuade Elizabeth to accept Mr.Collins’s proposal, but instead she was responded to well by her husband, Mr.Bennet instead agreed to Elizabeth’s attitude. As a result of all this Mrs.Bennet was angry and did not want to talk to Elizabeth.

The rejection made by Elizabeth against Mr.ollins was not only because Elizabeth was not interested in Mr.Collins but because Elizabeth had given Mr.Wickham attention, which a few days earlier Collins accompanied Bennet’s daughters to their aunt Mrs. Philil’s house in Meryton, in there they meet a soldier named Denny, Denny introduces his friend Mr.Wickham to them. Bennet’s daughters see that Wickham is very charming and handsome. At the same time, Mr.Bingley and Mr.Darcy passed and looked Mr.Darcy looked at Mr.Wickham with a different look.
A few days after that Mrs. Philips invited Bennet’s daughters to his house and there Mr.Wickham and the arena from the first meeting Elizabeth looked happy with Mr.Wickham then on the show when Mr. Mickham sat next to him he felt very sad and there Mr.Wickham talked about Mr. ugliness, Darcy and also about the godfather of Mr.Darcy’s deceased father. He told about the change in Mr. Darcy’s attitude shortly after his Baptist father died. Mr.Darcy was very mean to him and took property that should have been his property but because he did not have an official letter, Mr.Darcy did not give his rights. Elizabeth also listened seriously and believed in what was discussed by Mr.Wickham and prejudiced against Mr. Darcy.

After rejecting the application from Mr.ollins, Elizabeth did not want to be too close to Mr.Collin anymore and he told his close friend who was also the daughter of Sir Lucas, Charlotte Lucas to accompany Mr.Collins. Unexpectedly it turned out that Charlotte gave more attention to Mr. Collins and knowing that after Mr. Collins returned to his home he returned to Longbourn, it turned out he did not intend to meet Elizabeth but to apply for Charlotte to be his wife, and finally they married. Mrs.Bennet did not like it.

After a while, suddenly there was a shocking news that Mr. Bingley and his brothers and Mr. Darcy had left Netherfield and returned to London. There was no special explanation from Mr. Bingley for his departure, only a letter from Caroline without purpose clearly explained their move and told that Mr.Bingley his brother was very fond of Mr.Darcy’s sister, Mrs.Georgina Darcy. This of course greatly hit Jane’s feelings that had been too hopeful of Bingley, Elizabeth was also hit by the incident that happened to her brother. Elizabeth concluded that Mr. Bingley was the one who caused her brother’s separation from Mr. Bingley.

Because he wanted to meet Bingley, Jane came to her aunt’s house, Mrs. Gardiner in London. But there she actually never met Bingley at all. Meanwhile, Elizabeth went with sir William Lucas and Maria (Charlotte’s sister) to visit Charlotte in Hunsford. While in Hunsford, they are often invited to the residence of Lady Catherine de Bourgh, who is an aunt from Darcy. Diana Elizabeth often stares at Miss Catherine de Bourgh who reportedly will be matched with Darcy. After a few days Elizabeth got word that Mr. Darcy with his cousin colonel Fitzwilliam will visit Lady Catherine’s house. And the next day there was a knock on the door and when it turned out it turned out that Mr. Darcy was in front of him. After some time Mr.Darcy expressed his love for Elizabeth and the arena heard Mr. Darcy’s ugliness from Mr.Wickham, Elizabeth also balked at the proposal and told him what Mr.Wickham had said about him. Then Mr.Darcy immediately came out with a disappointed face and later Elizabeth got a letter from Mr. Darcy about what Mr.Wickham said he also told about Mr.Wickham’s lies on the charges, because it was actually Mr.Wickham who had disappointed his father with no become a priest and get drunk. Reading the letter Elizabeth felt guilty for being prejudiced against Mr. Darcy.

A few days later Elizabeth got word from Longbourn that their youngest brother had gone with Mr.Wickham while Lidya was in Brighton. Hearing that Elizabeth and Jane immediately returned to Longbourn and when almost at the same time Mr. Bennet was in London looking for Lidya, they all thought that Lidya and Mr. Wickham were married. After a while Mr.Gardiner uncle from Elizabeth gave news to the Bennet family that he had found Lidya and Mr.Wickham and asked Mr.Bennet to approve their marriage with several conditions. And finally Mr. Biennet gave his permission. After that their wedding party took place in Longbourn. After that Lidya accidentally said the word Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth even wondered and found out about Mr. Darcy’s relationship with Lidya’s marriage. And later it was discovered that Mr. Darcy had a big stake in finding Lidya and Mr. Wickham and their requirements. Hearing that Elizabeth became increasingly fond of Mr.Darcy.
Hearing that Mr. Darcy likes Elizabeth, Lady Catherine doesn’t take it quietly. He immediately met El; izabeth and said about his displeasure with the news. But Elizabeth opposed it because she felt she had fallen in love with Mr. Darcy.

Intermittent after that news of the arrival of Mr. Bingley was heard to Longbourn. And Mr. Bingley visited Mr.Bennet’s house and intended to propose to Jane and Mr. Darcy accompanied him and after expressing his feelings back to Elizabeth and proposing to her. Finally Elizabeth is happy to accept the proposal. And Elizabeth also told the news to the Bennet family and what was originally thought that Mrs.Bennet would be angry instead of happy with it. And finally Jane and Mr. Bingley got married as well as Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. They lived happily at Mr. Darcy’s residence at the Pemberly House.